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Best Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Are Tomatoes Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes

❥What are you going to find❥

Can dogs eat tomato or is it harmful to their health? Let’s get down to business! The ripe tomatoes without seeds are not harmful to dogs. When is a tomato toxic to our furry? When it is green. In those cases, your stomach may not react well to this food. The green tomatoes have a chemical called glycoalkaloid that it can be harmful to dogs. A compound also present in the stems and leaves, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Let’s delve into this question.

❥Give tomato to my dog❥

Tomato belongs to the Solanaceae family, which makes it have a compound called solanine, which can be harmful to our pets. However, tomato solanine levels decrease when ripe, so it will be safe for dogs as long as they are ripe. In contrast, green tomatoes and stems have higher levels of solanine, which is harmful to animals.

❥What happens if a dog eats green tomato?❥

Whether you have eaten or chewed the green parts of the plant, you may experience symptoms of poisoning. Observe your dog and for any possible sign, take him to the vet. It should be noted that most of these symptoms are rare, our pet would have to eat large amounts of tomato to get to experience them.

❥Benefits of tomato for dogs❥

  • Stronger immune system. Thanks to its content of vitamin C, the tomato helps to raise the defenses and fight common infections.
  • Lower risk of chronic diseases. Beta-carotenes and lycopene, both antioxidant compounds found in ripe red tomatoes, have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and bone problems.
  • Better digestive function. The fiber in tomatoes is a very beneficial nutrient in the digestive process, promoting intestinal transit. In addition, it also helps prevent constipation.

❥How to Offer Tomatoes to Dogs❥

  • Raw, natural and red tomato, always without seeds. Make sure to remove the green parts of the plant.
  • Nothing to offer him green tomato.
  • Wash it well before offering it. This way we will eliminate microorganisms and possible traces of pesticides.
  • What amount? There is no standard serving of tomato that is considered ideal for dogs. Every dog ​​is different. Of course, always in moderate quantities. You can cut the tomato into small pieces and mix it with your food. Remember that this type of food cannot become the basis of the dog’s diet, since they need a high supply of proteins and fats for their body.
  • What parts of tomato should a dog not eat ? Stems or other green parts of the plant. These parts are the ones with the highest concentration of toxic substances. Also, if you are one of those who grow your own organic tomato plants, make sure you have it fenced off to prevent your pet from eating green tomatoes or chewing on the stems and leaves.
  • Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes? Yes, but as long as they are mature.

❥Can dogs eat fried tomato?❥

In this case it depends on whether the sauce is homemade or commercial. If it is homemade, without salt, garlic or onion, removing the seeds, there are no problems. On the contrary, if it is the supermarket boat, nothing. In the latter cases there is usually a high percentage of preservatives and artificial additives that are not good for our pets.

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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes