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Best Dog Foods With Chicken Or Chicken Meal

dog food

❥ Best Dog Foods With Chicken Or Chicken Meal ❥

There are countless brands of dog food on the market. This turns the problem of feeding our friends into something relatively simple since we only have to choose the brand of dog food, look at the amount we must put in each serving and see if our dog likes it.

However, not all feed is of the same quality. A proper diet must provide a proper balance between the different nutrients that our companions need. Therefore, it is convenient to select a good feed and learn to interpret the food labels of our dogs. After all, this is the food you eat every day.

❥ Dog food ranking: What are the best brands of dog food? ❥

Next, we are going to analyze some of the best brands of feed and the best-known brands of dog food on the market:

  • Acana and Orijen. Acana and Orijen are two brands of dog food from the same company, established in Canada (you can find Acana or Orijen prices on Amazon.com where you can find some interesting offers, especially in packs of more than 6 kilos.). These are high-end feeds that take great care of the quality of their ingredients, all of them suitable for human consumption: the fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh or sun-dried at the factory. They use meat and eggs from cage-free farms or free-range ranches, without antibiotics or hormones. The fish comes from sustainable fishing and are delivered fresh to the factory. Chicken, turkey and duck meats, as well as eggs, come from cage-free farms in Alberta and British Columbia. Pork, lamb, bison and beef come from ranches in Alberta where they are raised in the wild. All of these meats and eggs are suitable for human consumption, raised without antibiotics or hormones. The elaboration is carried out by low-temperature cooking without the addition of water. Orijencompletely eliminates grains and includes freeze-dried viscera, marrow and cartilage. Both fully cover the needs of your dog. It is one of the most popular dog food brands.


❥❥❥Taste of the Wild.❥❥❥❥ This American company produces its feed without cereals, with complete meat and fish (without by-products) and under strict quality controls. The brand uses meat and fish free of hormones and antibiotics and contains a high percentage of protein. In addition, they include roast meats that improve the flavour and stimulate the dog’s appetite. You have very interesting prices on amazon.com for the Taste of the Wild brand and the possibility of free shipping. This is the preferred dog food brand for most of our readers.

  • Alpha Spirit. This Spanish brand produces hypoallergenic feed without meat flour, gluten or cereals. Its products contain a high percentage of meat protein, accompanied by legumes and vitamins. It uses fresh, top-quality ingredients and controls the traceability of its ingredients. You can check out all Alpha Spirit products and offers on Amazon.com
  • True Instinct. Another bet for a natural and balanced diet. It uses whole grains (brown rice, barley and oats) and it does not contain colourings or preservatives, artificial flavours, saturated fats or sugars. His philosophy is to approach the food that the dog would instinctively have if it lived in the wild. In addition to whole grains, it contains high-quality meat from fresh chicken, lamb or salmon, fruit (apple and red berries) and vegetables (broccoli, carrots and peas). You can check all the prices of the True Instinct range of products for dogs on their Amazon page.
  • Eukanuba. Look for a balanced diet and use high-quality animal protein. Their testing processes conform to human food standards. This brand has become famous for having one of the most complete feed for puppies. It is a mid-range brand, not at the level of Acana or Orijen, which are high-end, but at the level of others such as Advance or Hills. Check Eukanuba prices here
  • Advance. Among the best in the mid-range, Advance is a quality feed whose main source of protein is lamb (15%). Another 15% is rice. It belongs to the old Purina brand. All Advance prices and offers on their Amazon page.
  • Royal Canin. This leading brand in the sector has been working with high-quality feed for many years and they have a very wide range of products, including feed adapted to each breed. They have a team of veterinarians and nutritionists who provide well-balanced food for our friends. Royal Canin has significant discounts on Amazon
  • Naku. This brand offers us an alternative to feed with dehydrated natural food. You just have to add warm water and wait for it to hydrate. It has a wide range of flavours, among which chicken, pork and fish stand out. Your dog will love it. The brand mixes high-quality meat, fruits, vegetables and cereals, fresh and suitable for human consumption. What they do is chop the ingredients, dehydrate them and mix them.


❥ The best feed for sterilized dogs ❥

The dogs have been sterilized have a number of features you should take into account when choosing the food you give your dog. As a general rule, any feed for neutered dogs should have a higher fibre composition and be low in fat. Why should it have that composition? Well, basically due to two aspects that characterize sterilized dogs: The decrease in physical activity and the increase in appetite. These two factors make the dog that has been sterilized fatten with the consequent danger to its health.

Your vet will advise you to reduce the amount of food for your dog a bit and to exercise regularly. If you see that your dog has gained a bit after being sterilized you should consider one of these brands of sterilized dog food.

You can also expand the information with our article on food and feed for dogs that have been sterilized.


❥ Royal Canin Sterilized Dog Food ❥

As we mentioned before, it is a brand of international prestige and first line. This brand has mini, normal and large sterilized dog food.

As we have mentioned, Royal Canin has specialized in also offering feed for specific breeds of dogs. You also have to I think for Sterilized Labrador Retrievers.


❥ Sterilized dog food from Purina ProPlan ❥

The Purina ProPlan brand also has a feed for sterilized dogs of all sizes where it offers a low-fat product but focused on adult dogs. This product contains a high protein content to give your dog a feeling of being satiated and combines a reduced amount of carbohydrates with high fibre content.

It also has a number of nutrients that take care of their joints, one of the biggest problems for dogs as they age. You can check out this product and even find some offers for their sterilized dog food on Amazon.


❥ Food for diabetic dogs ❥

In the case of diabetic dogs, you may have to take care of your pet’s diet a little more. Remember that your body has problems regulating sugar and you can have serious problems if you do not watch what you eat and look for a portion of specific dog food for dogs with diabetes. The Advance brand of dog food has a specific feed for diabetic dogs that controls glucose and is made with barley carbohydrates for slow absorption. In addition, it is low in fat and the ingredients improve your dog’s digestion. You can check the price of Advance dog food for diabetic dogs on Amazon. You can consult our article on the best feed for diabetes dogs and find out about all the products that exist today.


❥ Food for dogs with cancer ❥

Dogs with cancer need a diet appropriate to their circumstances since their immune system is affected due to this disease. All this, coupled with the fact that cancer therapies are very aggressive and during therapy, your body will need to rebuild the tissues that are lost during cancer treatment. You can consult all this in our article on kibble and feed for dogs with cancer where we analyze all the alternatives on the market if your dog is in this unfortunate situation.

These dogs usually need food that contains a high concentration of proteins and omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, in addition to a series of supplements that help minimize the effects of both the disease and radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

❥ Food for dogs with heart problems ❥

Throughout your dog’s life, you may find yourself with heart problems in your pet and consider switching to a proper diet for dogs with heart disease. Many dogs suffer from these complications, although it is quite normal that they also occur when your dog is elderly.

Remember that it is important to monitor aspects such as for overweight and the ingredients that your dog takes if he has heart problems, and if you want to see all aspects of a diet for dogs with heart failure you can see our article on food for dogs with heart problems.

❥ Best brands of food for dogs with heart problems ❥

Here are some of the brands of feed with specific products for dogs with heart failure and why they are specific to food for pets with heart problems.

❥ Feed and kibble for dogs with kidney failure ❥

Renal failure is the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood. It can appear suddenly or develop gradually. For these cases, it is highly recommended to choose a good food for dogs with kidney problems.

The first symptoms you may notice in your dog is that he urinates and drinks water more frequently. In addition, many times you will see that you urinate at home when it is not normal because the kidneys are unable to concentrate urine.

In case your dog suffers from kidney failure, it is important that you reduce his salt and phosphorus intake. Also, try that the proportion of protein in the feed is low but of quality.

Finally, the feed must contain vitamins:

  • Vitamin B, because by urinating frequently, dogs with kidney failure lose a lot of this vitamin.
  • The vitamin C helps maintain healthy tissues of your dog.
  • The vitamin promotes the growth of cells and tissues and protects against infections.
  • Vitamin D is involved in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

❥ What feed is appropriate for dogs with kidney failure? ❥

According to the above, you have some feed to recommend to dogs with kidney problems.
Food for dogs with arthritis or bone problems

You may have noticed that your dog moves less, is afraid to jump, is like tired, complains of some pain in the legs, or that it simply does not run. If you have noticed this, you may find yourself facing a joint problem that in many cases can lead to arthritis.

When dogs get older, these types of problems can appear, but remember that being overweight is one of the main factors that can cause this problem in your dog’s joints.

You can consult our article on kibble and feed for dogs with arthritis or mobility problems. Anyway, here we leave you some brands of dog food with specific products to treat arthritis and joint problems in dogs.

❥ Food and kibble for dogs with liver problems ❥

If your dog suffers from the liver disease it may be necessary to modify his diet a little to try to regenerate his liver through a proper diet as we analyze in our article on food for dogs with liver problems. In this article, we analyze the symptoms, problems and treatments of liver diseases that your dog can present. As a summary, here are the main brands of food for dogs with liver problems :


❥ Some basics about dog food ❥

  • White range. They are feed without a brand name. They include the list of ingredients required by law, but you cannot be sure that the food is nutritionally balanced or complete. They are cheaper than those of medium or high range since they use low-cost ingredients, such as animal by-products. In addition, the ingredients may vary from container to container, depending on the nutritional sources available at the time of preparing the food. They often have lower digestibility. They shouldn’t be your dog’s regular food.
  • Mid-range. You can find them in most supermarkets and grocery stores. These companies spend time checking the quality of their products. There are standards that verify the quality of these foods and that manufacturers include the labelling of their products.
  • Gama alta o Premium. Estos productos se consiguen a través de veterinarios, tiendas de productos para mascotas y establecimientos de productos para alimentación animal. Los ingredientes empleados son muy digeribles y presentan niveles de nutrientes entre buenos y excelentes. Los ingredientes utilizados no fluctúan y sus fabricantes realizan estudios de mercado. Al ser nutrientes de alta calidad, el perro necesitará menos cantidad de pienso que en el caso de las otras gamas, por lo que, aunque su precio es mayor, durará más y puede hacerse comparable al precio de otras marcas.

❥ Suplementos ❥

Los piensos para perros de buena calidad incluyen abundantes cantidades de calcio, fósforo, hierro, oligoelementos y vitaminas, así que no será necesario que proporciones suplementos a tu perro, a menos que tu veterinario te lo indique por razones médicas.

❥ Conclusions ❥

  • Existen multitud de piensos en el mercado, de diferentes precios y calidades.
  • Los fabricantes deben proporcionar información sobre los ingredientes utilizados.
  • Es importante seleccionar un pienso que tenga un equilibrio adecuado de nutrientes.
  • Las distintas gamas de alimentos tienen distinta calidad.
  • Las sobras de comida no siempre son adecuadas y, en todo caso, es mejor utilizarlas como chuchería puntual.
  • No es necesario que des suplementos a tu perro si utilizas un buen pienso, a menos que tu veterinario indique lo contrario.
  • Uno de los mejores piensos que puedes dar a tu perro es Orijen o Acana.
  • Otros piensos de gran calidad son Taste of the Wild, Alpha Spirit, True Instinct, Eukanuba, Advance o Royal Canin.
  • Otra alternativa es la comida natural deshidratada, como la de la marca Naku.

❥❥❥❥Arion Senior❥❥❥❥

  • Both the formula for small breed dogs and that of medium dogs are formulated to alleviate the effects of age.
  • Suitable for dogs with heart ailments, as they are enriched with taurine and L-carnitine
  • Ideal for dogs that are already older and need less energy expenditure and take care of their heart.

❥❥❥❥Royal Canin Cardiac Canine❥❥❥❥

  • Croquettes are suitable for dogs with hypertension or canine ailments. Contains L-carnitine and taurine, to promote muscle contractions of the heart.
  • Its low concentration of phosphorus protects your dog’s kidneys.
  • In addition, its recipe will help your dog maintain a suitable weight since obesity is closely related to heart ailments.

❥❥❥❥Specific CKD Heart & Kidney Support❥❥❥❥

  • Balanced and easily digestible croquettes, recommended for dogs with heart, liver or kidney diseases.
  • Contains L-carnitine and taurine.
  • Low salt content, since sodium is related to hypertension and pulmonary oedema.
  • High in zinc is very beneficial for your dog’s heart and kidney.


❥❥❥❥Hills Canine k / d❥❥❥❥

  • The Hills brand k / d line is designed for dogs with kidney failure.
  • Includes a high content of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and support your immune system.
  • Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are in the right ratio
  • It also has vitamins A, E, C, and D.


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