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Best How To Raise A Healthy Pitbull Tips You Will Read

pitbull excises

❥Best How To Raise A Healthy Pitbull Tips You Will Read❥

The physical training of a pit bull terrier dog is essential to maintain its muscles and help it correctly channel its energy. Like food or walks, exercise is one more of the care that we must provide for your well-being.

In this Animal Wised article, we will share with you 5 exercises for Pit Bulls that you can practice on a regular basis. Remember that it will be important that during all sessions you have fresh water and a shady place at your disposal.

1. Running

Running is one of the basic canine sports to work endurance and keep the dog’s muscles in tune. Running has many health-enhancing benefits, helping to speed up metabolism, improve cartilage, or regenerate muscle.

It is recommended to start exercising the dog on flat ground, but later the difficulty can be increased, either on the sand of the beach or with the climb of hills.

At the beginning we will carry out short running sessions, of between 5 and 10 minutes maximum, stimulating the dog and motivating it to associate this activity in a positive way.

Later we can increase the training time, always taking into account the level of fatigue of the dog, its resistance or the predisposition towards exercise. It must be done very progressively.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that during exercise the dog must-have comfortable and adequate equipment. The canicross , for example, a mixture between running and mushing, has its own equipment for training and competition, designed to prevent injuries to the guide as the dog itself.

2. Ball and fresbee

Ball games and frisbee are highly recommended as they stimulate reflexes, mobility and help us to practice collecting objects. Teaching our dog to fetch and fetch the ball is not a complicated exercise and in return, it offers us hours of fun.

Due to the powerful jaw that pit bull dogs have, it is highly recommended to bet on a very resistant frisbee as well as a hard and resistant ball as well.

It is very important to carry out this exercise without overly excited the dog, since overstimulation can cause a negative increase in stress (distress), turning this game into an obsessive activity for him.

3. Tug of war

Unlike other exercises that consist of catching without letting go, the tug of war is a much more positive activity since it allows us to work on “letting go”, that is, teaching the dog to drop objects. We can use a teether or knot- type toy that we hold on both sides, while the dog nibbles in the centre.

Discover on our YouTube channel how to tie a knot for dogs.

It is very important that during the practice of this game we let him win some times, but on other occasions, we must be the ones who win, something fundamental to prevent the protection of resources.

It is normal for some dogs to growl during play, for fun, however, if it acquires a hostile attitude and marks us, we must end the game and remove the toy with caution (negative punishment: the withdrawal of the desired stimulus before unwanted behaviour) and work the “drop” before practising it again.

4. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent and very complete exercise if the dog is correctly associated with water, since it allows us to work the muscles up to 6 times more than with other sports. If the dog is afraid of water, we must first work a positive association, we must never throw it directly to swim as we could create a trauma.

Swimming helps your body gain elasticity and mobility, improves joints and flexibility, and is excellent for dogs that are overweight since the impact of sport is not as aggressive as running.

5. Obstacles

Agility is a very complete sport that stimulates the mind and body of the dog. Although more agile breeds stand out in this sport at a competitive level, such as the Border Collie or the Australian Shepherd, the truth is that the Pitbull can perform all tasks excellently if it is trained regularly.

The Agility circuit , whether at home or in a centre, offers the possibility of stimulating the muscles of different parts of the body, either through jumping fences, tunnels, slaloms, catwalks or wheels. There are many possibilities.

As it is a minimally complex route, the dog must learn how to overcome the various obstacles alongside his owner, which helps him keep his mind active and follow the orders of his guide, an excellent way to improve our bond and rapport.

Exercises not recommended

To finish we are going to mention two types of exercises that are not recommended, below we explain why:

Drag training:

Drag training is totally discouraged since the load of very high weights damages the joints and muscles of the dog. It can lead to the appearance of injuries and even the breaking of bones in very extreme cases.

Dam exercises:

The prey exercise consists of prompting the dog to catch without releasing a rope or bite. This exercise is not recommended since, unlike tug of war, it does not teach the dog to drop objects , which can cause a very serious situation in the event of a fight between two dogs.

In addition, the dog is generally motivated to achieve higher and higher goals. Due to its own constitution and weight, the impact of the fall can cause serious injuries to the joints that predispose the dog to develop certain diseases, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Although its use in the training of police dogs, among others, may be interesting, the truth is that if it is not supervised by a professional it is not a recommended exercise.

Remember that…

Apart from physical exercise, you should not forget the importance of stimulating the mind and smell of your pit bull terrier dog. These two types of exercise promote relaxation and the mental well-being of the animal, improve its quality of life and avoid or improve different behavior problems.

To do this, we recommend practicing sowing , which also teaches your dog to look for either the use of intelligence toys or food-vending toys, such as kong. But if you are also looking for resistant and recommended toys for pit-bull dogs, do not hesitate and keep browsing Animal Wised.

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Go to the vet every 6 months to ensure good health.
Do sessions of 30 or 60 minutes maximum, always evaluating the well-being of the dog.
Remember that the caloric needs of a dog that exercises daily are higher.
Do not practice vigorous exercise with a puppy, it could cause different health problems.

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pitbull excises