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Best The Pitbull And Dog Aggression

Pitbull and dog aggression

❥Best The Pitbull And Dog Aggression❥

The American Pit Bull Terrier or (pitbull, PitBull) is a breed known for its courage and ability to take on other dogs. Dog aggression in the Pit Bull is normal and should not be viewed as a fault or a “problem.” Again, dog aggression in the pit bull should not be considered as a fault or problem. This article will explore dog aggression levels and give you some tips on how to handle dogs at each level.

For safety reasons, please understand that these are rules are not hard and fast, and some dogs, despite our best efforts, will never change and must adjust their handling of theme adjusted to protect other animals around them.

Finally, canine aggression is entirely different and separate from human attack. An aggressive Pit Bulldog is more than friendly to people. If you have a Pit Bull that is aggressive to humans, this dog should be confined or put to sleep as this is not normal for the breed and is dangerous for the public.

❥The dog’s levels of aggression❥

1. Submissive. At this level, the dog shows little or no signs of dog aggression. When a submissive dog encounters a challenge, he turns them on his back and does not respond to attacks or challenges with equal charge. If you do come across a submissive dog, the only suggestion I have is to protect them from other dogs by not allowing other dogs to dominate or not overtake them. However, if you allow new dogs to gather around, take precautions so that the other dog does not ultimately attack and harm your dog.

2. Joe-Some Dogs. At this level, the dog’s aggression is not a problem unless challenged by a physical attack. When challenged or physically attacked, the dog will respond with enough charge to repel the other dog. This is a “generic” level if you like and applies to many breeds.

3. The happy, healthy, and normal Pit Bull Terrier. Dog aggression only shows when challenged or attacked. Dogs will have to be physically separated with a rest pole or by other means. Pit Bulls at this level always try to make friends when they meet a new dog. However, they do not tolerate aggressive behavior or displays from the new dog and react aggressively towards them. This is a normal pitbull. This is not a crazed dog!

4. Just above average. Pit bulls at this level will show aggression towards strange dogs of the same sex quickly as long as they are tired of dogs of the opposite sex. If they are challenged or attacked, they will respond with aggression and be physically separated to stop the fight. Pit Bulls at this level will accept other dogs of the opposite sex if they are bred together or if the new dog is brought in as a puppy.

5. An aggressive pet bulldog. Pit bulls at this level can live with other dogs but will attack any strange dog. They must be physically separated, and the fights are serious. They are okay with puppies, but supervision is required at all times. Don’t think for a minute that dog aggression makes your Pit Bull mean. It is normal, and it is your job to learn to handle this common breed trait.

6. The controllable fool. Very aggressive to dogs but can usually live with other dogs if they were bred with them. All other dogs are not welcome, and if given the opportunity, a dog at this level will attack any dog ​​within reach.

7. The uncontrollable fool. At this level, the dog is outside of himself and can not be controlled in another dog’s sight. While this level of aggression is not as standard as the others, it does occur. A dog at this level should never be left together with any dog ​​for any reason. Unless you are highly experienced in Pit Bulls, this dog is not recommended for adoption or ownership. They are a danger to the animals around them at all times, and one must use vigilance to ensure other dogs’ safety.

❥Tips for Managing Aggression Levels❥

1. Tips are not recommended. A submissive dog is not a threat. As I mentioned earlier, take precautions and make sure the other dog will not attack your dog and greet him slowly.

2. Take precautions. At this level of canine aggressiveness, your dog will be happy to meet other dogs unless the dog challenges or attacks them—watchdogs for signs of stress and aggression. Stiff legs, the hair on his back is flat, growling, having teeth, long and intense stares, all these are signs of stress and aggression. If you see them, keep the dogs away and try again later.

3. Same as tip # 2. Pay attention to any of the dogs for signs of aggression and separate them if they show one or more of the above symptoms.

4. Separation. When it comes to weird dogs, I recommend you stop at this point. In other words, there are no doggy friends. If you plan to get another Pit Bull (not a good idea for the average owner, find out why here), you’ll want to start by introducing them on neutral ground in several short meetings. If you plan to bring a puppy home, introduce them slowly and allow them to monitor the reactions of your current dogs closely.

5. Complete separation. Handling a Pit Bull with a Higher Average Aggression Isn’t Easy If you have a dog and are above average, I would not bring any other dogs home, including puppies. I would suggest avoiding other dogs in public.

6. This applies to 7 as well. Same as five but with one exception. I would altogether avoid all other dogs, friends, or strangers at all times. Never attempt to meet and greet an aggressive Pit Bull super tall dog with any other dog for any reason. You will prepare yourself and your dog for a stressful time that could end badly for everyone involved.

The Pit Bull and the conclusion of the dog aggression
I’ve said it many times in this article, dog-aggressive Pit Bulls are normal dogs and should be treated as such.

Precautions should always be taken to protect your dog and other dogs from fighting. As a responsible owner, it is your job to protect your dog, not yours. Read that again because a lot of people don’t get this point of pit bull ownership.

Our dogs should not “protect themselves” from other dogs. They shouldn’t have to. Our job as responsible owners is to ensure that our dogs are safe, and by using common sense and planning, we can avoid 99% of the situations that could cause a problem like a dog fight.

Allowing a normal pit bull to fight and “protect himself” from trouble only incites aggressive behavior in your dog. This can result in a dog that, while once average, is now an aggressive dog, especially if they come out on top of the situation.

Finally, learning to accept your aggressive dogs’ behavior is the first step. Your next step is to take the proper steps to manage them safely and protect them from harm. Humans or animals. Do your job and be their leader and friend.

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Pitbull and dog aggression