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Best Why Having Two Pit Bulls Is A Bad Idea?

Pit Bulls Is A Bad Idea

❥Best Why Having Two Pit Bulls Is A Bad Idea?

The American Pit Bull Terrier, or simply Pit Bull, is well known to society. It is common for them to associate him as one of the most aggressive dogs and to promote safety in handling when adopting him. But the truth is that they have not generated this social controversy, but have been victims of bad press by people without knowledge that have distorted this special breed.

Owners of this breed often come to the veterinary office who want to adopt a second dog and have doubts about whether the current guardian of their house, when the new tenant walks through the door, will attack them and they will be facing a big problem. Many times we as veterinarians are faced with these questions that we will try to answer in the simplest possible way.

In this Animal Wised article, we will talk about the coexistence of the pitbull with other dogs, points to consider, conscious training and everything that can be presented as a doubt at the time of the new incorporation.

❥Knowing the origins of the pitbull❥

I am convinced that if we do not know the origins of the breed and the reason for its character or its innate behaviour, it will be almost impossible for us to face the thousands of doubts that arise when having a “dangerous” breed at home.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed that originated in the United States but descended from the English Bulldog, known as a symbol of American courage and pride since it was bred for fighting dogs against bulls.

It is a muscular breed, of medium size, with a large and strong jaw, whose bite can cause a lot of damage to its opponent. Due to its agility and strength, it is a breed that was used for dog fighting, which was banned a few years ago, although, unfortunately, it is still carried out clandestinely.

These characteristics have been a double-edged sword for this dog when it comes to the hands of owners who do not know how to train it properly. He carries these abilities in his genes, but the training to which he will submit his animal to live in harmony in society is in the hands of each owner.

Education and socialization, keys to the arrival of a new dog

Knowing the aptitudes of the breed from its origins, we cannot ignore correct training and education when living with one of these beautiful specimens. The behaviour of the dog will depend on us.

All breeds have certain characteristics in their genes that we can take advantage of, just as a hound dog will seek to smell during the walk and will depend on our training to learn to walk correctly, Pitbull fans value their strength and agility, while those who are in against, they define them as difficult animals for a family environment.

❥So, can a pitbull live with other dogs?

If we want to adopt a second dog in the family, we must make sure that our Pitbull is properly educated and well socialized, that is, it is able to interact with other animals correctly and to obey our instructions whenever necessary. This will be essential for your safety. We must base all this on positive reinforcement, without using punishment, but firmly. It is important to clarify that the pit bull can live with other dogs since it is as social as any other canid.

In addition to the aforementioned, taking care of their day to day through games, activities, walks and a lot of affection will be the determining factor for our pitbull to be happy and act appropriately. A dog suffering from stress or anxiety is not the best candidate for a companion. The priority is the state of health of the dog that we already have.

There are many myths surrounding the pit bull breed, but what we are sure of is that if they are animals that are trained to fight, they can become very aggressive. However, if we put them through good training with love and gentleness, we will bring out their kindest side with other animals and with ourselves. Let’s not fear this beautiful breed, let’s evaluate the cases individually and let’s not judge all the dogs of the breed as the same individual.

How To Make More How To Introduce The Pitbull And His New Companion?

It is essential to remember that dogs are social animals, so if your dog is properly educated and socialized, there does not have to be any coexistence problem.

However, it is essential to remember that dogs are territorial animals and that a wrong place of the presentation can be the trigger for a bad presentation. Remember that for two dogs to start off on the right foot you must take into account the following tips :

  1. The presentation will take place at a neutral point, never inside the home.
  2. Pay equal attention to both dogs.
  3. Don’t force the situation, let them interact only if they want to.
  4. Avoid acting as long as you consider that neither dog is at risk.
  5. Avoid rewarding them with treats the first few days to avoid jealousy.

Once we see a positive reaction from both of you, we can consider taking the new dog home. Of course, before arriving home we must prepare and accommodate the area so that neither of the two animals feels excluded. The ideal is to have one or two bowls for water, two feeders and two beds. We will wait between one and two days to offer them toys and treats and, under no circumstances, will we leave them alone with toys as this can be the source of a fight.

From then on we have to be firm in educating both of them, but positive so that they are also positive between them. Having two dogs is a wonderful experience that is full of doubt and joy, but in the long run it is extremely positive.

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Pit Bulls Is A Bad Idea