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Creative and Original Gifts for your Dog

Creative and Original Gifts for your Dog

❥ Creative and Original Gifts for your Dog ❥

It is always a good time to make an original and creative gift to your dog and show him that you love him and that you want him to be part of your life. The most typical gift is a bone or a ball that makes noise, but we want to share with you some gift ideas that will make life easier and more fun for your dog. The objective is that you can give something to your dog and yourself, right? Find the perfect gift!

We have done research on the market for toys and accessories for dogs, and we have found everything, especially things that were not worth it or unnecessary. Therefore, we have filtered what we thought was not necessary and we have thought about the usefulness of the gifts that we wanted to share with you (and with your furry). The gift list is quite creative and we are sure it will not leave you indifferent.

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❥ Creative gift ideas for your dog ❥

From the hand of Rogz Grinz comes this ball that will delight dogs. It is a very funny ball since it has drawn teeth that the dog seems to be smiling. In addition, it is an interactive ball, with an opening, in which treats or food can be inserted, to stimulate the dog’s game and keep it entertained for longer. The ball has a special texture so that the dog can bite it and does not injure its teeth. It also floats, which makes it ideal for playing with your dog in the water.


❥ Dog Umbrella or Umbrella for Dogs ❥

There is no excuse! We give you new ideas to take your dog out on rainy days. Dogs need regular exercise, and this includes rainy days, anyone who owns one knows that. You should take your pet for a walk at least 3 times a day, but what happens when it rains? Well, thanks to this gift idea you have a possible answer. This umbrella is designed to take the dog for a walk on rainy days. It comes equipped with a chain to hold the animal and a rigid handle that guides it.

It’s faster than putting on the raincoat and you’ll never have sizing problems. In addition, it is very light and easy to hold so as not to let your dog get wet. Of course, what happens to you is already another issue .

❥ Doggie Fountain” Dog Fountain ❥

Doggie Fountain is an ideal solution to put in the patio or garden, connecting it to a hose, because it allows your furry best friend to be served directly with water by resting his paw on a small platform. It works like a fountain, making it quite easy to drink. Of course, it is recommended that the hose and the fountain are in a cool place in the garden, in the shade, because if not the water that your dog is going to drink will be pure broth

Better yet, dig a hole and bury part of the manager (15 meters) in it. This will facilitate a suitable water temperature throughout the year.


❥ Videophone «Petchatz» ❥

If you feel guilty about leaving your pet alone, you can alleviate your pain thanks to Petchatz, a device that allows you to keep in touch with your pets through an application for smartphones. It is a device created by the Anser Innovation company, which allows you to keep in touch with your pet remotely, thanks to the fact that it connects with a smartphone through an application that is used to make video calls.

The device has a camera and a microphone, through which the pet can see and hear you. The app has a function that alerts, by means of an alarm, if the pet is near the gadget, at which point a sound can be emitted to attract the dog. Also, the system can also record messages and schedule them to be broadcast at certain times of the day, as well as distribute treats or soothing aromas to suit the owner.


❥ Containment tape «Kurgo» ❥

The dog seat belt protects the owner and the pet. Allows made of soft and resistant nylon. The chest straps are filled with foam and protect the dog from accidents in the event of dry braking. It can also be used as a harness. You can put the leash on him at home and the journey begins. This guide allows the dog to be handled even without a leash. The included tie belt fits on all release points. A very practical and safe item.


❥  Automatic ball launcher for dogs «iFetch» ❥

iFetch is an automatic ball launcher for dogs (4 cm balls). With each, your pet can play and have a great time when you are away from home. Your dog can deposit and place the ball himself in the hole of the iFetch and wait for the toy to be thrown, making it ideal for people with reduced mobility, children or the.  It can be used by small dogs.

The main characteristics of the iFetch are that it is a  toy for dogs that allows you to select between 3 different distances in which the ball will be thrown (between 3, 6 or 9 meters). It can be used by small dogs. You can use it by connecting it to a power outlet or with batteries if you don’t have a plug nearby. In addition, you enhance the education of your dog, since you can use it to teach your dog to collect balls in a fun way-

In short, it is a toy with a very simple operation. Your faithful companion will only have to put the ball at the end and it will automatically be released. Once your dog realizes that all he has to do is leave the ball in the hole, the game is assured. With each, you no longer have an excuse for your dog to have fun since your pet can. This alone when you are not there.

Does your dog spend hours barking at the fence of your house? Relax, we bring and thanks to this viewpoint you can do it knowing who is passing. The advantages are great since it will start to bark less (your head and ears will enlarge it) and learn to use your eyes more. For houses with an exterior garden, it is a mandatory gift.


❥ Educational toy for dogs «Kong Genius» ❥

This gadget is an educational toy for dogs with which your pet will develop their muzzle motor skills. It is a removable toy by parts that your dog will have to take apart to get the delicious cookie that is hidden inside. A good alternative to the ball launcher, don’t you think? Kong Genius toys come in three sizes and two shapes and can be interconnected to create new configurations for an added challenge.

This toy is perfect for a pet that chews and chews everything it catches (including the furniture in your house).


❥ Stairs for sofa or bed for dogs ❥

The jumps will not come any good to your French bulldog, and if you are someone who let him hop on and off of the couch or bed have to know that you are likely to have herniated discs and back problems. That is why we believe that this accessory is a perfect solution to prevent possible spinal injuries or problems in your joints, whether you are young or old.

You just have to place them next to the sofa or bed and teach him to get on and off the sofa and bed to forget about jumping. They are covered with a removable plush cover that you can easily wash.


❥ Refreshing collar for dogs ❥

We continue with interesting accessories to refresh your French bulldog because perhaps that is what most worries us of this breed. This cooling collar for dogs is similar to the cooling blanket and the vest but in a collar format. It allows you to cool your frenchie quickly by simply soaking it in cold water and putting it on. Its effect lasts 5 days and you can easily wash it off. You can find it in different sizes.



❥ Give gifts to your pet, but with ahead ❥

We hope you liked this selection of gifts for dogs that we have made. The truth is that it has taken us a long time to choose them because our intention is that you can make a gift to your pet that is useful and lasts over time. Always buy with ahead, thinking about the happiness of your dog.

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What do you think of this list of creative gifts for dogs? Do you usually give gifts to your pet? We would love for you to leave a comment telling us about your experience. Remember that sharing is living! If you have found this article useful, do not hesitate to share it on your favourite social networks.

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Creative and Original Gifts for your Dog