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How to get your Pit Bull in Physical and Mental Shape

Pit Bull in Physical and Mental Shape

❥ How to get your peat bull in physical and mental shape ❥

This article will address your Pit Bulls health and how to start getting them in great physical and mental shape. While I am not a perfect Pit Bull owner and have made a lot of mistakes, I also believe in giving my girls as much exercise as possible. This means making some sacrifices for them.

These two hours were usually spent sitting on my butt. Watching TV has become exercise time for both me and the girls. It’s easy to free up the time you think you don’t have and on the way to a healthy and fit Pit Bull, freeing up this extra time is essential.

❥ Starting on the path to a healthy pitbull ❥

You can do two things right now to immediately impact the long-term health of your Pit Bull (s).

  • Get them on a healthy, fresh, raw diet as quickly as possible. .

For more information on feeding a raw diet, go back to the main health section and read the articles found there.

When you feed a fresh raw diet to your friend you set them up for better health almost immediately. For the record, also kibble food but I do it mixed with something raw (mostly hamburger) or 100% raw food. This works for me and my dogs. You will have to find out what works for you and yours. The raw diet will help flush out pollutants and other discomforts from your dog before beginning a proper exercise program.

  • Walking by hand for 3 to 5 miles per day.

❥ Walking is paramount and taps into your canine Pit Bulls instincts ❥

Walking is the best form of exercise for any canine and this includes Bulls. Canines are animals that love to roam and explore their world.

Hand walking also helps you bond with your Pit Bull and this helps build their mental health as well. Once they see you as a confident leader, their attitudes about hiking will change dramatically. A dog that was once a shooter will suddenly start shooting less and less. Hand walking is the most basic yet powerful gift that you can share with your friends.

❥ Start slow and let your dog dictate the pace ❥

Start with your current level of exercise, if it’s nothing, well, get out of the house and walk your dog. Then slowly increase your walking distance and let your dog tell you when it’s time to move on to the next step. He or she will tell you that they are ready for your behaviour.

Are they really sore after 2 miles? So you shouldn’t move a longer distance until they can recover quickly after walking 2 miles.

Are they panting and seem stressed? Then go back a bit and reduce it to a reasonable amount of work that does not result in this situation.

After you start hand walking your dog for 3-5 miles and they are ready to go for more, increase to 5-10 miles. You will progress slowly. Also, you have to consider your current health as well. Are you able to achieve this? If not, start with a distance that both you and he or she can complete without killing yourself.

❥ Take it to the next level ❥

After walking up to 5 miles a day and he or she is recovering well, you can start adding other exercise outings to the program.

For example, Gunther walks 5 miles a day and still wants to play at the end of the walk. He’s showing you that he’s ready for another outing. Working in obedience for 15 minutes or having him on the spring pole for 5-10 minutes are two ways to add more outlets to your exercise routine. The distance of the walk is also important. It should be long enough to burn off excess energy, but short enough not to harm your dogs’ health.

A physical conditioning program should always start with a trip to the vet. I would suggest asking for their advice on the correct fitness program as well. Exercise is the missing link that most people desperately need. Prolonged walking can also eliminate behaviour problems. As they say, “a tired Pit Bull is a good Pit Bull.”

Of all the things I suggest to get a Pit Bull in great physical condition, walking 3-10 miles every day is the most successful activity to date. I know it works for my girls and helps me reduce my own personal stress levels and also keep me in shape. If you have questions about this article, feel free to email me with them.

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Pit Bull in Physical and Mental Shape