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How to Keep your pit bull glad and well

pit bull happy and well

❥ Keep your pit bull happy and well ❥

Do you notice your dog different these days? Does it seem a little sadder? Are you overly excited? It is normal! Quarantining dogs affects them too.

Like us, confinement also affects our pets, both physically and emotionally. And is that the change of routine can lead to anxiety, overweight and, in some cases, they could even suffer from depression.

In a context in which not all actions with our pets are allowed (for example, regarding walks), it is important to act to keep our furry healthy.

In this guide, from My New Best Friend, we advise you how to cope with the quarantine of dogs: from activities that you can do at home with them, to extra precautions to take care of their health, complying with the rules imposed in confinement.

❥ How to keep our dogs healthy in quarantine ❥

With the new restrictions, your dog will miss the outdoors and nature, running, long walks, and socializing with other dogs.

All these activities are the ones that previously kept your dog and, now, it is important to know how to replace them so that they do not lack anything.

Learn how you can control dog quarantine by improving the basics of all dogs :

Home games

Dogs need exercise to be relaxed, happy, and fit. Since short walks will be insufficient, we mustreplace outdoor activities with those we can do at home. And it is that, if our dogs do not spend enough energy we can find them stressed.

Spending more time playing with your dog at home will help him expend energy and keep him happy. You will get your physical and mental state to notice as little as possible in a change of habits.

From My New Best Friend, we propose a series of games to have fun with your dog during confinement. The truth is that we can get creative with what is at home and invent an infinity of games with our little ones.

❥ Feeding ❥

Since your puppy will be moving around much less, reducing food portions will help reduce the chances of becoming overweight. Of course, do it in a proportionate way and in consultation with a specialist.

Along with the appropriate amounts, make sure you provide a healthy diet for your dog: opt for a quality feed that is as natural as possible. And, if you now have more time, you can try making a homemade recipe for dogs.

Putting these feeding tips into action in the quarantine of dogs will allow you to control their weight and keep their immune system strong.

❥ Walks in the street ❥

As long as we have the opportunity to take short walks with our dogs, it is best to take advantage of it. However, it is important to understand what actions with pets are allowed during the Alarm State:

  • Make sure the walks are short.
  • Prioritize the off-peak hours.
  • Always keep the recommended distances between people and other dogs.

Skipping these rules can lead to an economic sanction and, although we are sure that you would like to enjoy your dog as much as we do, try to adapt to the maximum.

REMEMBER: it is necessary that when we get home from walking our dog we clean their paws.

❥ Control your health ❥

Visits to the vet are possible during the quarantine. However, it is recommended only to attend in an emergency to avoid contact with other people and animals. For this reason, while this lasts, itis advisable to do reviews of our furry ones ourselves and be attentive to any changes in their behaviour.

To check the health of the dog, we recommend the following:

  • Observe their mood. Pay attention to any unusual changes in your pet’s emotional state. It is the most obvious way to know if the quarantine is affecting you to a greater or lesser degree.
  • Pay attention to their fur. Observe if your pet’s hair diminishes its shine or it begins to fall much more than usual. This can be a cause of stress, a poor diet, etc. Also, check for parasites. We are in season and we will not want a plague to settle in our little one.
  • Examine their mouth. Check your teeth, gums, and tongue frequently in case you might have an infection or plaque.
  • Check your heart rate. It should be between 60 and 120 beats per minute. That is, behave as usual.

If you already had a scheduled appointment with the vet: vaccinations (annual, monthly), interventions … contact the specialist beforehand to see if they can be postponed.

❥ Monitor your own attitude and emotional state  ❥

Do you remember how on aeroplanes they teach us that we must first put on our mask before putting it on our children? The point is that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to take good care of others either.

Dogs have such sensitivity that they perceive our emotions sometimes even more intensely than other humans: dogs are capable of knowing if we feel anxiety, sadness and joy. According to Annalisa Tarantini, a psychologist specializing in animal behaviour, “the smell of a dog can be identified through our hormones.”

That is why it is essential to take care of our own mental state and maintain normality as much as possible. Something that can help both you and your dog is pampering, hugging and petting him more than usual: this will be a medicine for both of you, and it will even strengthen your emotional bond.

The guidelines to follow to keep our dogs healthy during confinement allow us to spend a lot of quality time with them. Although they are restricted to doing activities so natural for them, this is an opportunity to play with them and pamper them more than ever.

The quarantine of our puppies has a very positive side: being with them all day can make them very happy, and it only depends on us to make it possible.

Now that you have more free time, it’s time to get to know our project (if you don’t already know it) And it is that from My New Best Friend we fight every day so that abandoned dogs have the same luck as yours.<

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Keep your pit bull happy and well