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Meloxicam For Dogs – Dosage Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Meloxicam For Dogs -

❥Meloxicam For Dogs – Dosage Doesn’t Have To Be Hard❥

In veterinary medicine, meloxicam for dogs is a widely used drug, so it is important for caregivers to be clear about what and how it is administered, in order to avoid undesirable effects derived from improper use. We will also mention the side effects.

In this AnimalWised article we will give all the keys to knowing this drug. As always when we talk about drugs, the first thing we should know is that only the veterinarian can prescribe them and that we never have to medicate an animal on our own.

❥What is meloxicam for dogs good for?❥

Meloxicam is an active ingredient with an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Specifically, it is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID . Therefore, it is used when the animal has pain of moderate intensity or even strong if there is musculoskeletal involvement.

Its administration is more common in short treatments . For example, it is usually prescribed for the 2-3 days following sterilization surgery to prevent the newly operated animal from feeling discomfort and, for the same reason, preoperatively. It is also commonly prescribed after trauma operations or as an analgesic for dogs with arthritis . Therefore, it is a drug more chosen for situations of acute course and for treatments lasting a few days, although, of course, it will be at the discretion of the physician .

❥Dosage and presentations of meloxicam for dogs❥

For sale we can find different presentation formats of meloxicam for dogs. Depending on each case, the veterinarian will choose the most appropriate form of administration of the drug. We can find the product in a thick liquid that can be given to the animal directly in the mouth or put on top of the food. There are also meloxicam tablets for dogs, with a composition that is palatable to them, which makes them eat them voluntarily, without having to force them.

In general, as we can see, meloxicam can be administered without problem at home. The vet will prescribe the appropriate dose for each dog, as well as the days of treatment. It is administered in a single dose every 24 hours . In some cases it may be the veterinarian himself who gives injectable meloxicam for dogs.

❥Meloxicam dosage for dogs❥

Meloxicam is administered at a rate of 0.2 mg per kg of body weight on the first day and in half, that is, 0.1 mg per kg, for the remaining days of the treatment. It is important that we always keep this dose reduction in mind. If we use the liquid format, this usually includes a dispenser that facilitates administration as it is a syringe that we can load depending on the weight of the dog. In addition, in this case, the veterinarian can give us the guideline of administration in drops , which may be easier for caregivers.

❥Price of meloxicam for dogs❥

The price of this product will depend on the format prescribed by the veterinarian. If it is possible to administer tablets, it is usual for this professional to charge us for each of them individually. We can give an approximate price of between 1-2 euros for each one . If, instead, we must opt ​​for the liquid format, we will pay for the entire container. The smallest contains about 10 ml. Its price is around 16 euros .

As for where to buy meloxicam for dogs, we must follow veterinary recommendations, since in each country there will be legislation on the dispensing of medicines for animals. Usually, these can only be purchased in veterinary clinics or, being an active ingredient for human use, in pharmacies , but always with the corresponding prescription .

❥Side effects of meloxicam in dogs❥

If we follow the administration protocol of meloxicam for dogs proposed by our veterinarian, it is normal that we do not notice any adverse effects. Even so, it is possible that in some animals it causes kidney damage, which can even lead to acute or chronic kidney failure . Precisely because of this damage to the kidneys, it is not a recommended medicine when the dog is already dehydrated or hypotensive.

Other symptoms of sensitivity to this drug are anorexia , vomiting , diarrhea, or lethargy. These complications usually occur at the beginning of treatment and, in most cases, remit when it is withdrawn, although, more infrequently, they could be the cause of serious or fatal injuries, as we discussed in the case of the renal system. In addition, an inadequate dose can cause intoxication with mainly digestive symptoms.

We cannot use meloxicam in pregnant or lactating bitches or in puppies less than 6 weeks old or weighing less than 4 kg. In the case of animals that suffer from a previous disease such as heart, kidney, liver or hemorrhagic diseases, it is essential to consult with the veterinarian before use.

If we suspect that the drug has harmed our dog, we must immediately notify our veterinarian. Above all, in cases of kidney involvement, it is essential that treatment be started as soon as possible. Even with early care the prognosis is guarded.

❥Are metacam and meloxicam for dogs the same?❥

Metacam and meloxicam for dogs are the same . There are different pharmacological companies that market meloxicam and each one does so under a different name. One of them is Metacam, but we can find the active ingredient meloxicam under other names that, as we have said, depend on the company that manufactures and markets it.

This article is merely informative, at AnimalWised.com we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or perform any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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Meloxicam For Dogs -