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pit bull spring pole for a dog

pit bull spring pole for a dog

ღ  pit bull spring pole for a dog

First of all, yes, dogfighters use spring sticks. Yo Tambien. The same goes for almost everyone I know. Oh, and I don’t know any dogfighters. PETA and other “humane” organizations publish these “dogfighting signs” lists that are full of junk and misleading information. Did you know that most people would report me for dogfighting if they saw my garden? Why? I have a spring stick and more than one Pit Bull. Both are “signs of dogfighting.”

The spring polo ღ 

The Spring pole is a simple tool to exercise your Pit Bull. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing surprising. Every month I get a dozen questions about spring polo shirts. Most people want to know how to build one.

ღ The concept of the spring polo ღ

Concept: An elastic mechanism connected to a toy or “bite surface” assembled so that a dog can grasp and hold the toy and at the same time pull while the spring provides resistance. How to build one: Get a spring and put a toy on it. This may seem ultra simple. Well, it is.

I have seen complicated settings for settings that get the job done. The ones that get the job done are so simple that you are amazed when you remember when you had trouble building one (I had trouble at first). Below are photos of my setup. Use this as an example for your setup.

ღ The PitBullLovers.com Spring Pole setup ღ

The first image here is the complete setup. Yep. Fancy huh?

This is how the spring pole is attached to things. I prefer hanging tree branches (you can take this with you on camping trips, hikes, to the park, etc.) but you can attach it to just about anything that accepts a chain that wraps around and is strong enough for your dog.

The clip that you attach your toy to. If you have a rope toy with a knot, you can simply cut this around the knot and voila, nothing else is needed. However, if you want to be stylish, you will have to create a few things on your own.

I have a “fancy” setup where I use a wind-up toy that forms a triangle to allow for a good firm bite. However, I also use a simple $ 5 wind-up toy from the pet store.

ღ The Amazing Set Explained ღ

Pretty amazing huh? lol Just kidding really, it’s a simple thing to build a spring pole. I know I had some trouble creating my first one until the power belt I discovered was established.

From there it was a simple process of getting the parts right and putting them together in a way that is safe and most important. portable.

I like to take my set-up with me. It’s great for your dogs and it’s fun to show people around. They are in awe of the dogs’ abilities.

The above configuration consists of a spring, three carabiners, a carabiner and two locking carabiners, and a toy (not shown).

ღ Pit bulls and spring poles are like water and thirst ღ

Pit bulls love their spring polo shirts. It gives you a taste of the ancient ways and burns some serious energy in the process.

They don’t cause aggression or any dog ​​to “break up” if a dog does that, it was not suitable, to begin with. For safety, keep it semi-low on the ground so your dog can touch its hind legs. If you have a serious dog to hang out with and they have proven to be good solid perches, give him a lift.

Consult your vet before starting. I can’t say enough, always, always, get your dog looked at before putting them on something that works them hard. Joints, good lungs, heart problems, and most of all, health are good starting points for your vet to see.

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pit bull spring pole for a dog