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Step by step instructions to Increase Muscle Strength In Your Pit Bulls

instructions to Increase Muscle Strength In Your Pit Bulls

❥ Step by step instructions to Increase Muscle Strength In Your Pit Bulls ❥

Before continuing, I want to share with you a few things I don’t want to do while grooming your pitbull.

  • Don’t: Put a heavy chain around your dog’s neck. Not only is it ineffective but it can damage your dog’s neck or worse, ruin them for life. Simply put, it is not smart.
  • Don’t: Tie your dog up with a large log chain. The reason is the same as above. It will break your dog long before helping them any way.
  • Don’t: Put any kind of weights on them. Heavy vests, heavy collars, and heavy harnesses are not adequate tools for developing strength.

❥ The most important thing not to do is … ❥

Try conditioning a dog younger than 18 months.

Of all the questions I get, the one that burns me the most is when someone asks how to add weight, increase size, or add size to their 2-3-5-6-month-old puppy. Ugh! They are puppies and they need to grow up first!

Would you ask a 2-3-year-old to lift 30-40 pounds? Of course, no! It would cause harm to the child.

The same goes for puppies. Asking them to pull weights or use a chain or put on a huge vest is silly. Even if the weight is 2-10 pounds, it is still detrimental.

You have to wait for the dog’s joints and muscles to develop before putting pressure on them. If you do this too early, you will paralyze your dog.

❥ Use your natural pitbull strength during conditioning ❥

Pit bulls are naturally strong, athletic, and agile. Working with his natural abilities will help you to safely condition your dog.

Start by walking, playing a handheld, and taking shorts. Jogging on grass or dirt will help increase your stamina for more intense work in the future. If you don’t prepare your dog for work, your dog won’t be able to do the job. I can’t stress this enough because Pit Bulls, while strong as nails in general, need to develop before they can really start working hard.

People think of conditioning as putting a huge chain on their dog and having them carry it around to build strength. This is not only wrong, it is cruel and stupid. I said it’s evil, cruel, and stupid. I apologize for repeating myself, but I want my opinion on this practice to be very clear.

Developing your Pit Bulls strength should be approached in the same way that you would build your own strength. Developing high-quality strength takes years to achieve. For both people and pit bulls.

Let’s talk about using weights in the conditioning process if …

❥ How To Correctly Use Weights While Conditioning Your Pitbull ❥

You want to start with a lightweight and then gradually progress to heavier weights.

When your Pit Bull reaches 18-24 months of age put them in a quality weight drag harness and ask them to drag 3 to 5 pounds for short distances while walking. This is where most weight pull trainers start their dogs. In this article, we are not going to go into weight management training, but the benefits of this exercise are based on increasing the strength of your dogs.

Once they are dragging this weight easily then you can add a pound or two of weight. Increasing the weight a couple of pounds will not kill your dog, but you must remember to return to short distances until your dog pulls the weight for longer distances without much trouble.

You don’t want to increase the weight anymore but instead increase the distance. The lazy way out is to add more weight by keeping the distances short. This will work but increases the risk of injury and the likelihood that your dog will leave work. We want to avoid both of these issues, so it’s best to slowly increase the distance your dog pulls on the weight. This will help condition two important elements and they are muscle and endurance.

❥ Pit bulls that don’t have stamina will not develop high-quality strength and muscle tone ❥

Pulling heavyweights short distances is great If you compete in pulling weights, but to achieve high-quality muscle tone and overall strength that lifts light weights (no more than 15lbs), for long distances you will develop a lean dog with the top wind, strength, and beautiful muscle tone.

Think of training in regards to an all-athlete as a tri-athlete. Someone who is strong but can run, swim, bike, and do these things consistently well for hours on end. Now compare that to the powerlifter who can lift 800 lbs three times and that’s it.

Pit Bulls (also known as American Pit Bull Terriers) are built like the tri-athlete. They are naturally strong, so adding resistance will increase your ability to perform longer and more intense tasks than a type of powerlifter.

Another important reason to condition your Pit Bull in this way is that even powerlifters break and injure themselves from lifting too much weight. Keeping the weight in reasonable amounts will help your dog stand up and not break down during the process.

❥ Feed your pit bulls for conditioning ❥

Pit bulls are athletes. Plain and simple. If you take them out and walk in them, but a little lightweight on them, have them play on the spring pole for 20-30 minutes a day and feed them high-quality food so that your Pit Bull begins to build strength and Resistance…

Proper conditioning builds a beautiful Pit Bull and a Pit Bull in top condition is truly a beautiful sight.

You may also be interested in buying a running belt specifically for your Pit Bull to help them be in optimal condition. Treadmills are especially useful if you live in an area with a cold or rainy climate. Even if you don’t live in such a place, treadmills offer a way to give your Pit Bull a much-needed walk when the weather is bad.

instructions to Increase Muscle Strength In Your Pit Bulls