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The best peat bull food in 2020

❥ The best food for your dog  ❥

Currently, on the market, there are countless brands of dog food that promise a balanced and healthy diet, and not all of them are of good quality. For this, you must choose between the best quality-price dog food since it will be the food that they will consume daily.

Choosing a suitable diet will provide the necessary nutrients for its well-being, taking into account the daily ration that corresponds to it and checking that your dog likes the chosen feed.

❥ The TOP 7 in best dog food ❥

Next, we are going to analyze the best feed for dogs, where we also include the best brands of natural and Spanish feed:

❥ Acana ❥

Acana is one of the best dog foods on the market today. It is part of the  Premium Range because all its ingredients are natural and are even suitable for human consumption, which guarantees their quality.

It offers a  high protein content and is free of cereals and gluten, although Prairie Poultry does contain 23% cut oats. All other Acana series like Pacifica, Wild Prairie, etc. if they are cereal free. The meat used comes from free-range farms and ranches, and the fish from sustainable fisheries. They are also free of antibiotics and hormones.
The composition of this food is adapted to the nutritional needs of dogs, according to the diets of their wild ancestors. This I think is made with raw materials delivered daily directly from the hands of farmers, farmers and fishermen in western Canada.
One of the best dog food currently on the market, ideal to keep it strong, healthy and happy with a  100% natural and balanced diet.

Open approximate ingredients
In favour

  • I think of very high quality. Premium range.
  • Meat from free-range animals.
  • Fish from sustainable fishing.
  • High protein percentage.
  • All acanas are grain and gluten-free (except Prairie Poultry with 23% oats).


  • Little variety of special needs that your dog may have.


Orijen supplies the nutritional needs of dogs naturally. It is a high-quality feed,  Premium Range, therefore one of the best feed for dogs that offers natural products and with a high amount of protein,  promoting the healthy development of your dog. All of its ingredients come from Canada and are shipped fresh to Orijen’s kitchens. It is also grain-free.

This brand of dog food makes food with 70% meat protein and 30%  vegetables, fruits and vegetables,  providing dogs with the energy they need. It contains a  large quantity of wild boar, lamb, pork and bison meat, raised naturally for the quality and freshness of their meats, which are not subjected to freezing.

One of the best feed for dogs, especially for the most demanding palates, as it offers a very enhanced flavour thanks to the fresh meats used in its manufacture. Open approximate ingredients

In favour

  • I think of very high quality. Premium range.
  • A high percentage of proteins.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Free of cereals and gluten.


  • Little variety of special needs that your dog may have.


Taste of the Wild is a High-End food for dogs, it is also one of the best food for dogs on the market. They do not contain cereals, the protein percentage is high, the meat and fish they use are fresh, free of hormones and antibiotics, and are made under strict quality control.

They include natural ingredients from fruits and vegetables, thus providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your dog needs for its growth.

It is an ideal feed to provide a healthy and balanced diet to your pet, a clean and healthy natural food for dogs thanks to the fact that the water used in its composition goes through an osmotic process that frees it of microorganisms or chemical products, making this food, a very high-quality feed. A feed made with natural and fresh ingredients so that your dog grows in optimal conditions. Open approximate ingredients.

In favour

  • I think of high quality.
  • A high percentage of proteins.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Free of cereals and gluten.

Little variety of special needs that your dog may have.


True Instinct is also part of the  High Range, so its feed is of high quality. It has a high percentage of meat and is free of gluten and cereals, ideal to avoid intolerances and poor digestion. They use natural ingredients made by steaming.

Its feed is free of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, providing a natural diet that favours exceptional nutrition for your pet so that it can enjoy good health and have an optimal physical condition.
It incorporates 60% animal protein, among which turkey and chicken stand out, while the rest of the composition is fruits, vegetables and legumes.

This I think for dogs will provide a  balanced and healthy diet for your dog.
Open approximate ingredients
In favour

  • I think of high quality. High-end.
  • With natural ingredients.
  • High protein percentage.
  • Free of cereals and gluten.


  • Little variety of special needs that your dog may have.
  • Some products in its range do contain cereals.


Alpha Spirit is a High-End feed with 100% natural and high-quality products. It is a  Spanish dog food brand that manufactures cereal-free food with a high percentage of fresh meat and/or fish.

It is also a hypoallergenic feed, so it is the best feed for allergic dogs and with digestive problems since they tolerate this type of food very well. Alpha Spirit’s food contains 85% in different types of meat and fish and other nutritional vitamin components that make this feed an ideal food for the good nutrition of your dog.

They make dog food with ingredients that provide great palatability, which helps dogs with demanding palates. In their production process, they use cutting-edge technology such as “Tenderize Technology” that facilitates the assimilation of food by subjecting the feed to a pre-digestion process.

If you want to support product development Spanish, this is your thinking, as well as being 100% natural.
Open Approximate Ingredients
In favour

  • I think of very high quality.
  • Free of cereals and high protein content.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Little variety of special needs that your dog may have.


Royal Canin is among the best Medium-Range dog food. It is a well-known brand with a long history in the manufacture of animal feed. They have several specialized products, including feed adapted to each breed of dog.
Royal Canin dog food provides energy so that your pet is vital and active. It contains ingredients that considerably satisfy the dog’s appetite, satiating it and preventing it from starving.

Food for dogs that adapts to the special needs you may have.
Open approximate ingredients
In favour

  • It belongs to the best of the mid-range.
  • Great repertoire of specialities according to the needs of your dog.


  • It does not specify the number of proteins, so they must below.
  • The high percentage of cereals.


The Advance brand would be in the Medium Range of dog food. It may not be the most recommended food for your dog, but its product is of better quality compared to those sold in supermarkets.

They have specialized feed depending on whether your dog has allergies, is a puppy, of a specific breed, health problems, etc.

An adequate feed if your dog has special needs that must be covered.
Open approximate ingredients favour

  • It belongs to the best of the mid-range.
  • Great repertoire of specialities according to the needs of your dog.


  • Low protein content.
  • The high percentage in cereals.

❥ The best feed for sterilized dogs ❥

For dogs that have been sterilized, two factors must be taken into account: the decrease in physical activity and the increase in appetite, so they will have a tendency to gain weight.

In the market there are different feeds to meet the needs of sterilized dogs, and although the high-end and premium feeds that we have recommended in the previous section are ideal for them (always taking into account the amount of food recommended in the product), these are some of the best-valued brands of sterilized dog food for medium-high-premium range :

❥ The best food for diabetic dogs ❥

If your dog has diabetes, it is important to watch his diet and choose an appropriate feed for his special needs. Diabetes generates difficulties in regulating sugar and his diet has to be specialized in his conditions. Feed Royal Canin and Advance have a specific feed diabetic dogs and control your blood glucose, helping in their health and wellness.

❥ The best food for dogs with heart problems ❥

Here are some brands of food for dogs with heart problems that can meet their nutritional and specific needs for their heart disease. Throughout the life of a dog, different diseases can occur, and among them, heart problems, especially in very old dogs.

It is important to watch your diet and weight if you have heart failure. Both Royal Canin and Specific are the best feed for this condition:

❥ The best food for dogs with kidney failure ❥

When the kidneys are not working properly, the dog can develop kidney failure. It is the inability of the kidneys to eliminate the waste produced by your metabolism and clean your blood.

The symptoms that your dog may suffer from kidney failure is that the amount of water he drinks increases considerably, as well as he urinates more frequently even at home when it is not normal.

So if your dog suffers from kidney failure, it is important to be able to feed him the best feed that reduces salt and phosphorus, and provides him with specific nutrients and vitamins for his special needs.

❥ The best food for dogs with liver problems ❥

It is important to modify your dog’s diet if he suffers from liver problems. There are different brands of dog food on the market that help provide a good diet for dogs with these special needs:

❥ The best food for dogs with bone problems or arthritis ❥

When your dog gets older it is normal for some problems such as arthritis to arise. If you notice that he is more tired, that he no longer runs, that it is difficult for him to jump or get on and off the sofa, or he complains of a leg, perhaps he is suffering from bone problems or arthritis.
In the market, there are some brands that manufacture specific feed for this condition and improve your well-being.

❥ What we take into account for the analysis of the best dog food ❥

  1. That does not contain colourants.
  2. A high percentage of proteins (30-35%).
  3. Grain-free.
  4. Use of meat (not derivatives).
  5. Containing more than 35% dried meat.
  6. Calcium-phosphorus ratio.
  7. That it could even be food suitable for humans.

Of the best feed that you can give your dog are Acana and Orijen (Premium range), but feed such as Taste Of the Wild, True Instinct and Alpha Spirit are also high quality, which will provide a healthy and nutritious diet favouring your well being.

❥ What you should keep in mind before buying dog food ❥

The quality of the feed directly affects the health of your dog. If your dog is fed a low-quality feed, health problems may arise in the long run such as dermatitis, dry hair, allergies, low vital energy, etc.
It is important to know that there are three categories of feed on the market:

  • Low range: Poor quality feed. They are the ones that you find especially in the supermarket, made with animal by-products (everything leftover from meat factories for human consumption, such as cartilage, feathers, beaks … all crushed …), full of cereals (which causes intolerances and low digestibility ) and loaded with chemical additives such as colourants, flavourings, etc.
  • Mid-range: These feeds do not contain animal by-products, although they can be made with a high percentage of cereals and also with chemical additives.
  • High and Premium range: They are the most recommended feed for your dog since you make sure that its diet is nutritious and healthy. The high-end dog food is available at veterinarians and especially in online stores. They are made with real and fresh ingredients, free of cereals (or in less quantity) so that the digestibility of the dog is better. In addition, they are free of additives and contain a high percentage of animal protein. Although its price is higher, the necessary quantity that your dog needs to eat is lower due to the high quality of its nutrients, since your dog will need less quantity than with the other ranges of feed.

It is important to keep in mind that any food changes in your dog’s diet should be made gradually. If you change the feed from one day to the next, it can make you feel bad and cause diarrhoea.

❥ Where to buy cheap and good dog food ❥

If what you are looking for is quality feed and as natural as possible for your dog, forget about cheap feed, which is full of cereals, additives and chemicals that will make your pet’s health worse. Quality feed is not cheap, but you make sure that its diet is healthy and will have a direct impact on its health and well-being.

Even so, buying through our website, you can find I think of a lot of reduced quality and with discounts. These feeds, especially the Premium ones, are not normally found in physical stores, but are sold online, since the marketing strategy of these products is not to reach all supermarkets or make television advertisements, but rather they focus on making high-quality feed range and of the highest quality, so many times they can only be purchased in online stores, such as through ours.

❥❥❥❥❥❥Frequent questions❥❥❥❥❥❥

❥ What is the best food for dogs?❥

Feed that can offer a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins free of gluten, colouring, flavouring and additives. Enter the article to know the best high-quality premium feed for your dog.

❥ What is the best food for puppies? ❥

Puppy food is specialized for its age. They must also be free of gluten, colourants and additives. We have an article dedicated to the best puppy food on the market.

❥ What is the best food for sterilized dogs? ❥

There are special feed for sterilized dogs and prevent them from getting fat. Premium brands have some ideal ranges for sterilized. In the article, you will find a selection of special feed for the needs that your pet may present.

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The best peat bull food in 2020