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Tips for your dog to trust you

Tips for your dog to trust you

❥Tips for your dog to trust you❥

Gaining the trust of a dog is very necessary , but it is not always easy! Depending on many factors, getting a dog to trust you can be very difficult . For example, if you have had bad experiences in the past, or if you are naturally suspicious, among other things. But don’t worry, we can help you! Here are several tips for your dog to trust you.

❥Tips for a earning a dog’s trust❥

Since ancient times, humans and dogs have maintained a strong relationship of mutual cooperation. Despite the fact that discipline has historically been valued as a very important part of the human-dog relationship, at Animal Wearing we are clear that the first links created between these two species have been forged from mutual trust. Therefore, we have made a compilation of useful tips to gain the trust of a dog.

Each dog has individual characteristics and, although there are breeds that are genetically more predisposed to socialization and others that are scarier, what defines their personality the most are their experiences. Bad experiences, as well as no or bad socialization at an early age can make a dog especially fearful or distrustful. To help you solve this problem, we have prepared a series of recommendations that may be of great use to you.


There is no satisfying relationship without trust, it can be applied to any field! Including living with pets . Don’t you know how to get it? Gaining the trust of a dog is not a task of one or two days , we warn you that it is not something exactly easy. But you can! The bases to achieve this are: perseverance, patience and affection. The correct process is:

  1. If you are interacting with the dog for the first time, be calm . If you notice excess agitation, even if it is positive because you are very excited, this can confuse or even scare you. Since you cannot predict how each dog will react to this situation, it is best to be calm.
  2. Don’t overwhelm him , keep your distance. It is best to calmly show interest in the dog and let the animal come up, at its own pace, to say hello. Do not force him to interact if he does not approach you on his own initiative.
  3. Come down to his height . The height of humans can sometimes be imposing for dogs, especially if they are small. He will feel more secure and comfortable with you if you are equal in that regard.
  4. Use treats to capture his interest and make him see you as good company, not a threat. It is very likely that he will approach you if you offer him a cookie.

❥How to earn the trust of a dog who already knows you❥

As you can see, our previous tips to gain the trust of a dog are applicable in the first contact , when the dog still does not know you. But what if your own dog doesn’t trust you? If you have recently adopted it, it is normal for it to take a while to interact with you with full confidence . Quiet! It is also easy to achieve:

  1. There is no better way to build trust than by spending time together . The more he gets used to you, the sooner he will trust, so take him with you whenever you can on errands, leisure, have a drink … It is becoming easier, little by little more establishments accept the entry of dogs ! In Madrid, you can even take it on the Metro. Take advantage of!
  2. It is important to socialize your pet well , so that it interacts correctly with people and other animals in its environment. But this doesn’t mean that you have to forcefully greet all passing dogs if you don’t want to: don’t force your dog to do things that they don’t like during walks or they’ll be uncomfortable with you. Walks with your dog are an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bond.
  3. Stay calm . Even when he’s misbehaving, don’t lose your temper . If he sees you nervous, he will imitate your attitude, in addition to understanding that he is the one who dominates you and will repeat those unwanted behaviors.
  4. Take good care of it . There is no better way to show a dog that he can trust you than to keep him well groomed and fed, as well as giving him loads of love. If you are the one who takes care of him, you will also be his best friend!
  5. Play together . The moments of fun shared with your dog also help a lot to develop his loyalty and trust towards you.


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Tips for your dog to trust you