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Ultimately in-depth guide to dog food for 2021

guide to dog food for 2021

It does not matter if you have recently had a dog or you already have years of experience: proper nutrition plays a decisive role in the dog’s life. His health is conditioned by the type of food you give him. The physical well-being, vitality and life expectancy of your partner will be enhanced thanks to the food you provide. An inappropriate diet can trigger various alterations in the health of your dog. Being overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint problems, kidney problems or even cancer can be caused by an incorrect diet. It is not surprising that there are as many opinions as there are breeds in magazines, scientific articles or internet forums about the best food for adult dogs.

❥The best diet❥

So what is the best diet for your adult dog? This question cannot be answered in such a general way, since not all dogs are the same. Depending on your body size, age, health, weight and level of physical activity, dietary needs will vary, so it is up to you to determine which food is the most appropriate. At the end of the day, not only should the specific requirements of your pet be taken into account, but also if your lifestyle can be adapted to the type of food it needs. What is practical for some on a day-to-day basis, for others is a great challenge. Price, food benchmarks and time undoubtedly play a determining role in deciding which type of diet is the best. It is important that, Once you’ve decided on the method that works for your dog, you can administer it long-term. Frequent changes in the type of food fatigue the animal’s body, which can cause diarrhoea, gas and other digestive problems.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question about the best diet for your dog. However, below you will find the main criteria that will help you find it.


There is no control over a dog’s food preferences, but what owners can do is choose a brand that appeals to the pet and contains high-quality ingredients. That means source proteins like chicken, lamb, beef, eggs and organ meats; carbohydrates from sources such as potatoes, legumes, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; and minimal fillers or unspecified meals or by-products. The best dog food doesn’t need to spend much of the family budget either. Cheapism.com sniffed through expert recommendations and user reviews to find the best wet and dry dog ​​food for dog lovers who don’t love exorbitant prices. We dug six relatively inexpensive brands that keep dogs happy and well-fed and meet vet standards. We also tracked down two affordable options that might appeal to those who want to treat their dog with a little extra pampering.

Some of our selections highlight a brand’s specific product line or formula and others span the full range of wet or dry options; Prices quoted are broadly representative but reflect only one variety for each label. Prices per ounce for dry foods are based on the largest bag size available; smaller sizes will increase the base cost.

❥Switch to adult food❥

In general, for the first three and four weeks of life, puppies are fed only mother’s milk. Over time, they get used to eating solid foods, specifically those foods specially formulated for puppies that have a high energy value that meets their needs. If you purchased your puppy from a breeder, you would normally receive a nutritional plan that you should follow for the first few weeks. Some may even give you some food to take home with you. Once six months have passed, it is recommended to gradually decrease the energy supply to prevent the dog from growing too fast. This rushed growth can trigger life-long joint problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. puppy food, you can start giving food for junior dogs (young dogs) or directly food for adult dogs. This change in diet should be made between 6 and 18 months of age. small dogs can start taking it as early as 10 or 12 months if their growth in height is complete.

❥Food for adult dogs: energy needs❥

Before moving on to the feeding stage for adult dogs, the following question arises: what does my dog ​​really need? As with humans, the energy needs of dogs vary depending on sex, height, and level of physical activity. While professional athletes often consume kcal or more per day, an office worker only requires kcal. The same thing happens with dogs, for example, a domestic dog has lower energy requirements than those of sledge dogs. For a family dog ​​without any particular task, there is a way to roughly calculate his amount of energy required: for every kg of body mass he will need kcal.

❥Food for adult dogs: essential nutrients❥

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements are the main nutrients that your dog requires. With them, you will be providing the necessary energy to perform all its vital functions and stay healthy. Instead, a lack of nutrition can cause damage to bones, muscles and major internal organs and lead to disease.


The main source of energy for dogs is undoubtedly protein. It has a series of essential amino acids for your dog. One of the foods with the highest protein index is meat, so your dog’s food should have at least 70% of this ingredient. In principle, almost all types of meat are appropriate: beef, lamb, pork, rabbit or poultry. As for the viscera, the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen or belly are recommended. There is a reason that explains these specific needs of dogs: they are descendants of wolves, carnivorous predators. Its strong teeth and jaw muscles, short intestinal tract, and aggressive gastric juices are perfectly designed for meat consumption. It is important not to cook the meat, since if this happens the protein content is denatured and these become useless. Fresh meat is the one with the highest amount of protein. As an alternative to meat, you can feed your dog fish a maximum of twice a week. In this case, it should also be as fresh as possible so that it has the maximum proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, easily digestible proteins and vitamin D. The most advisable are salmon, cod, redfish, anchovies, molluscs or prawns.


The unsaturated fatty acids in fish provide enormous health benefits, as they help improve your inflammatory and immune resistance. Dogs especially need omega-3 fatty acids from animal fats. Omega-6s from vegetable oils, which are found in sufficient quantities in meat, are also just as important. The oils are essential for the functioning of the dog’s body since they are responsible for absorbing the main vitamins. For this reason, you should add oil of animal origin to vegetables, for example, salmon oil. However, the fat content will have to be less than the amount of protein and carbohydrates. These essential fatty acids can also be found in walnuts or hazelnuts,


Carbohydrates are found in potatoes and cereals, but they are not considered essential components in the diets of carnivorous dogs. Commercial feeds already contain enough carbohydrates, so it is not advisable to add an additional dose. If your dog eats raw foods, you can provide quality carbohydrates through flaked cereals, such as oatmeal or millet.

❥Vitamins and trace elements❥

These are mainly found in fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Your dog’s diet should be rich in these foods. The various functions of nutrients are related since for the dog’s body to assimilate some it needs the existence of others. Therefore, a diet based on only one food, for example, a pure meat diet, is not recommended. Rather, it should be based on 70% meat, 25% fruits and vegetables, and only 5% grains. Celery, carrots, zucchini, squash, or other local fruits, such as apples, pears, or berries, can easily be mixed with meat by grating or boiling.


Milk and dairy products are rich in this mineral. However, calcium can be dangerous for those dogs that have not yet reached adulthood, as your dog could be receiving an excessive amount of calcium. For this reason, milk should not be on your adult dog’s daily menu, unless it is in very small doses. The least advisable is cow’s milk since it usually causes allergies and intolerances.

❥The right amount❥

The amount of food your dog needs per day, as already explained above, not only depends on age, but also on weight and level of physical activity. In general, it is easier to control the amounts in the daily rations of small dogs than those of large dogs. This does not mean that a lower proportion of food equates to a lower energy intake. Small dog foods are often high in calories, as these breeds consume a lot of energy compared to their size. It is best to feed small dogs twice a day. Instead, it is recommended to give large dogs the rations in small doses spread throughout the day. Those family dogs with normal physical activity, without any specific task and without being dedicated to breeding, it is also recommended that they receive two full meals a day. These points are considered more important than the amount of food: the fixed times of meals and the rest after them. Dogs have an incredibly accurate internal clock that allows them to quickly set daily meal times. Make sure your dog always eats food at the same time of day. This will not only benefit your digestion but will also help you not have a constant desire to devour outside of mealtimes. This habit can even help your dog get rid of the annoying mania of asking for food when you’re at the table. To achieve this, you must give him his food at the same time that you are also eating. Then In order for your dog to digest properly, it is important that you let him rest after eating. Stimulating too much with games or making him run after a meal can cause a dreaded digestion cut.

❥Best Belcando dog food❥

On this page, you will find the best consumer products from the Belcando dog food category, presented in a detailed comparison. The test results are based on complete field tests of the products under laboratory conditions. Unless the consumer organization has conducted a Belcando Dog Food test, we have obtained information from reliable comparable sources, such as consumer associations.

In addition to the classification, on this page, you will also find a small buying guide and an interesting video about Dog food bel canto. In addition, we have reviews (from consumer associations or individual consumers) and links to low-cost offers for you.

You can buy the model from Amazon at a low price. Our recommendation: do a quick price comparison before ordering online. In addition, you should also carefully review product reviews and ratings.

❥I think, wet or raw food❥

It does not matter if the nutrients listed above are presented in the form of I think, wet food or raw, it is a simple matter of taste. Many owners stick to the ready-made food method due to lack of time, insecurity, or convenience. But do not worry, since only with the feed or wet food you will be providing all the essential nutrients that your dog needs. However, you should pay attention to the different caloric levels of each type of food. For example, feed, due to its low water content, is five times more concentrated than the same amount of wet food. So, with a smaller portion, he feeds in the same way as with a larger one of wet food. When it comes to wet food, it should be noted that it is often high in protein. Another recent feeding method is the so-called BARF or ACBA (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding), which is gaining popularity among breeders, veterinarians and dog owners. In this case, this adequate consumption of raw meat is as high as that of wolves and that of the first dogs that were used for herding or as guardians on farms. For this reason, this type of diet should not have any complications, as suggested in the detailed nutritional tables. If you decide to provide your dog with a diet based on 70% raw meat and 30% fresh vegetables, you will already have a balanced daily menu for each day. In this case, this adequate consumption of raw meat is as high as that of wolves and that of the first dogs that were used for herding or as guardians on farms. For this reason, this type of diet should not have any complications, as suggested in the detailed nutritional tables. If you decide to provide your dog with a diet based on 70% raw meat and 30% fresh vegetables, you will already have a balanced daily menu for each day. In this case, this adequate consumption of raw meat is as high as that of wolves and that of the first dogs that were used for herding or as guardians on farms. For this reason, this type of diet should not have any complications, as suggested in the detailed nutritional tables. If you decide to provide your dog with a diet based on 70% raw meat and 30% fresh vegetables, you will already have a balanced daily menu for each day.

At the end of the day, to choose the most suitable feeding method for your pet, what you should take into account is: the best food will be the one that your dog best tolerates, helps him stay healthy, provides him with vitality and longevity. Although this method is not the one that best suits your daily life and your wallet, you should keep in mind that the priority when choosing food should be the well-being and health of your dog.

We wish your dog good luck!

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guide to dog food for 2021