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Why Pit Bulls Are a Great Pets

Pit Bulls Are a Great Pets

❥ Fourteen Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are a Great Pets ❥

Are you planning to get a Pit Bull as a pet? If yes, then you are absolutely making the right decision.

Pit Bulls are one of the most loved dogs in the USA. They not only have a great physique, but they are also brilliant and powerful. They are also very good at following instructions. They can be trained to follow any command that you want them to.

All that they need from their master is genuine love, care and understanding. However, there is a popular misconception that Pit Bulls are very dangerous pets. In fact, some people recommend that you should not keep Pit Bulls as a pet because they are very aggressive and bad-tempered.

However, that is not true. Pit Bull are among the most loving pets.

Although big, these dogs are amiable and tolerant if well trained. If you are looking for a pet that will be 100% loyal to you, then you won’t go wrong if you choose a Pit Bull. In this article, we are going to give you 14 reasons why Pit Bull is great pets.

1. ❥ They are good-tempered

Pit Bulls are among the most affectionate pets. They are also less aggressive compared to other dog breeds. If you keep them as a pet, then you don’t have to worry that it will one day turn on you, your kids or your friends. A temperament test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society on various dog breeds revealed that pit bulls are among the least aggressive dogs. 86.4% of pit bulls that were tested passed the temperament test.

This result is awe-inspiring when compared to other dog breeds such as Beagle and Chihuahua that recorded lower temperament score. This clearly shows that Pit Bulls are less aggressive when compared to other dog breeds. Many people who have kept pit bulls are pets are admitted that this dog is good-tempered an extremely tolerant to humans. If you give them love and care that they deserve, then you will get the best from them.

2. They love humans

Pit bulls love humans more than anything else. They enjoy human company, and they always want to be near them. The dog will cuddle with you, roll over for belly rubs, give you non-stop. Kisses, sit on your lap and even sleep beside you. Many people who keep pit bulls as pets have developed a special bond because they are indeed great companion.

If you have children around, then you don’t have to worry that this powerful dog will harm them. They are extremely tolerant of children and will not get annoyed when they are pulled over, sat on or poked. They are also very protective of children and will not allow anything bad to happen to them in their presence. If you are looking for a pet that genuinely loves humans, then pit bull is a great choice. If they are treated with respect and love, then they are less likely to reveal negative traits.

❥  3. They are extremely loyal

Pit bulls are not only protective, but there are also loyal to their masters. Your closest friends and even relatives can betray you. But one thing that we promise you is that pit bull will never betray you. These dogs are extremely loyal and will do anything to please their masters. They cannot trade their loyalty for anything, not even their favourite meal. The dog will always stay by your side, regardless of the hardship that you are going through. When everybody else has betrayed you, your pet will stay by your side till the end.

Once pit bulls establish a bond with their master, they always cherish that bond and cannot allow anybody or anything to break it. They will keep that special bond for a lifetime. So, whether you want a buddy to hike with on the trail or go for an evening walk, you can always count on this dog. If pit bulls were to speak, then you can be sure that it would never share your secret with anyone. That is how loyal pit bulls are to their masters. Their main goal is to is impress you and will do anything to ensure that you are happy.

❥  4. They are athletic and active

If you are the type of person who loves going for evening walks or hiking, then keeping pit bulls as a pet is a wise idea. They are extremely athletic and active. Pit bulls are not the types of dog that will sit down lazing around. They are always active and ready for the next challenge. That explains why athletic performance outshines that of other breeds by far.

If you are looking for a buddy to help you stay fit, then pit bulls will not disappoint you. They will always accompany you for morning or evening runs, hiking or any other physical activity that will help you stay in good shape.

In fact, if your main goal this year is to stay fit and you are looking for a loyal buddy to help you out, then we advise you that you keep pit
bull as your pet. It will be your greatest cheerleader. The dog will not judge you or put unnecessary pressure that will stress you out. Instead, the dog will always be patient with you. It will support you and always accompany you to your daily workout routines. Pit bulls are extremely athletic and easily perform moves that other dog breeds cannot. They are also very active and fun to be with when performing your workouts.

❥ 5. Pit bulls are healthy

If you want to keep a strong, healthy pet, then pit bulls are a great option for you. If well taken care of, you will enjoy the company of this pet for a long period of time with a minimal visit to the vet. Unlike other dog breeds that are prone to cataracts, dysplasia among many other diseases, Pit bulls have a strong immune system and less likely to get ill.

They also don’t have weight issues as it is usually the case with other dog breeds. All that they need from their master is a well-proportioned diet that comprises of proteins and vitamins to promote good health. They also need regular exercises to keep them infit and strong. Many people who keep pit bulls as a pet have said that they have not had any major health concerns. In fact, the majority of people who keep pit bulls as a pet have never visited their local vet. They are very healthy and thrive throughout the year.

6. They are easy to train

Pitbull, brilliant dogs are easy to train. You don’t need to repeat things over and over as it is usually the case when training other dog breeds. That explains why most people prefer to keep them as a pet. They are highly adaptive and can fit into any home setting.

They are capable of learning almost all sorts of commands and tricks within a short period of time. Pit bulls are very smart and always eager to learn.

All that the dog needs from you is love and assurance. Your training also needs to be consistent and straightforward. Don’t demand so much from the dog simply because it is smart. Have realistic expectations and be patient with the dog. Once the dog is trained, you will hardly find it going assists your commands. They are extremely obedient pets.

❥  7. They are easy to maintain

Pitbull is among the easiest dogs to maintain. They have a short coat that is easy to care for. This means that you will not incur huge grooming expenses.

They are also not a picky eater as it is usually the case with other dog breeds. They can eat almost any dog food that you give them. However, it would help if you did not take advantage of that to give you dog foods that are not nutritious. Always ensure that you feed your dog with healthy nutritious food to promote its health and well being. Plus you can give them vitamins and supplements specifically designed for Pit Bull’s needs.

Pit bulls are also healthy meaning that you don’t have to take it to the local vet regularly for treatment. Pit bulls are one of the few dogs that don’t demand so much from their masters. In facts, the most important thing that they need from you is love and attention.

❥  8. They are fun and friendly

Bit bulls are extremely friendly and fun pets. If you keep one, then we guarantee you that you will never get bored. Most people refer to pit bulls as family dogs because they genuinely care about each member of the family. Most dog breeds are only loyal to one or two members of the family. However, that is not the case with pit bulls. Anyone in the family, including visitors, will enjoy the being around this pet because it is always jovial. They get so excited, even with simple things.

No one in the house will be sad or bored if a pit bull is around. The dog will make you appreciate little things in life that you always take for granted. It will do things that will make everybody in the house to laugh.

❥  9. They make you feel safer

We all want to feel safe at home. When you keep pit bull as a pet, then you will never again feel unsafe, especially when you alone at home. Although pit bulls are friendly, their overall strong physique and their intimidating look can scare burglars and intruders. This pet will not only keep you company but will also protect you, especially when you are at home alone.

They can also protect your home when you are away from home. Multiple studies have shown that burgles usually avoid homes that have dogs around. If you have a pit bull around, then can be sure that very few burglars will have the courage to break into your home because they know very well what awaits them especially if they miscalculate their moves.

❥  10. Pitbull can help children with autism

Having a child who is living with autism extremely challenging. Most children living with autisms find it difficult to talk to their fellow humans. They don’t do this intentionally. It is because of the condition that they are suffering from. As a result, most of them usually feel lonely and frustrated.

If you have a child living with autism and you want to make his life pleasant, then the best give gift that you can give is a pit bull. This dog can be your child best friend. Because of their friendly nature, your child will find it easier to talk to the dog, and that will go a long way in making him feel better.

When you keep pit bull as a pet, you will see a drastic improvement in your child social skills. He will, for once feel that he has a buddy around who understands him. However, just because you have given your child, a companion does not mean that you should stop taking care of him. Continue taking good care of your child just like you did when the pet was not around. The pet is only meant to compliment his life.

❥  11. They are friendly to other pets

There is a common misconception that pit bulls are ruthless to other pets. However, that is not true. Pit bulls may look intimidating, but they are very friendly and tolerant. If they are well trained, they can live in harmony with other pets such as cats and other dog breeds in the house. Contrary to what many people think, pit bulls always prefer to avoid trouble. They are extremely peaceful and caring.

Pit bulls have a caring heart and are always willing to share what they have with other pets. If other dog breeds have failed to relate well with other pets in your house, try pit bulls and see how things will turn out. You will be surprised at how well the dog will interact with other pets. Pit bulls are extremely tolerant and will only show their other side if they are extremely annoyed.

❥  12. They can help improve your social skills

This may come as a surprise to many, but it is true, pit bulls can help improve your social skills. Multiple studies have shown that people who keep pit bulls as a pet have better social skill. When you take your pet out for morning or evening walk, it will most likely bond with your neighbours’ pet especially if they are the same breed and that will automatically make you and your neighbourhood friends. Similarly, onlookers who are amazed at the unique look of the dog will also talk to you to ask you more about the dog or even request to take a photo with the dog. This is a great chance to socialize and get to know more people.

Having a pit bull as a pet is a great way to meet with other people and network. If you want to improve your social skill and you don’t know where to stay, keep pit bull as your pet. You never know, this pet can help you meet the love of your life!

❥  13. Pit bulls are clean pets

Pit bulls are among the cleanest pets on the planet. It is almost next to impossible to find an untidy, funny looking pit bull. Their short coat requires little grooming. What you need to keep this dog clean is small occasional bath and light brushing.

Pit bulls also like to stay in a clean environment. You won’t find it rolling or seeking shelter in a dirty place. They thrive when placed in a clean environment. Therefore, if you are a clean person and you searching for a clean but fun pet, then you won’t go wrong if you choose pit bulls.

❥  14. Pit bulls don’t keep grudges

Many pets keep grudges, especially when mistreated. However, that is not the case with pit bulls. Pit bulls have a great heart. Even when mistreated, they always forgive and move on.

You won’t find them looking at you with disappointed eyes simply because you failed to deliver on a certain promise that you had made or you accidentally locked it outside for hours. The dog will still give you the unconditional love, respect and attention that you deserve as the master. That explains why pit bulls interact well with other pets in the house.

In conclusion, if you want to keep pit bull as a pet but you are wondering if you are making the right decision, then today we assure you that yes, pit bulls are great pets.

They are not only loving and caring, but they are also fun to be with. They will bring lifetime laughter to your home. They are also easy to maintain hence perfect for people who want to keep a pet but are on a tight budget. Pit bulls don’t demand so much from their masters. They only need genuine love and care.

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Pit Bulls Are a Great Pets